61 Getting Things Done Affirmations For Goals & Work Productivity

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Life is full of distractions, decisions, and commitments.

It can be hard to stay focused on the things that matter most. That’s why it’s important to have a positive outlook on life and be in the right frame of mind to succeed.

One way to do this is through positive affirmations or self-affirmations – short, powerful statements that help you stay focused and motivated on your goals.

Read on to learn how to use affirmations to get inspired with this list of 61 getting things done affirmations and examples.

What Are Affirmations & How Can They Help You Get Things Done?

Affirmations are simple statements you can repeat to yourself repeatedly, either out loud or inside your head.

They can be anything from “I will finish this project today” to “I am capable of achieving my goals.”

The key is that these statements should be positive, realistic, and meaningful for you personally.

For example, if you feel overwhelmed by a task, an affirmation could be “I am capable of completing my tasks.” This statement helps to shift your mindset from feeling incapable to feeling empowered and able to achieve the task at hand. 

The purpose of affirmations is two-fold: first, to remind yourself of your goals; second, to create a more positive outlook on life and yourself in general.

Think of it this way, when are you more likely to get things done?

Is it when you believe you can do it or feel you have a chance so long as you try?

Or is it when you feel you can’t do it and tell yourself things like you’re not good enough?

Chances are the latter is more likely to stop you from getting things done.

All because feeling like you can’t do something or you’re not good enough can actually make you want to avoid even trying to complete a task in the first place!

Not trying guarantees you’ll never achieve it.

The Power of Positive Thinking for Getting Things Done 

Successful people understand the power of positive thinking when it comes to productivity and success.

It allows us to look past our current circumstances and envision ourselves achieving success in whatever we set out to do.

When you start believing in yourself and your abilities, it gives you the motivation needed to take action and move forward with whatever task you’ve set out for yourself.

This becomes even more so when combined with affirmations, as their power enables us to create strong positive mantras that will keep us going even when times get tough.

Getting Things Done Affirmations Journal Note To Make Things Happen

How To Create Your Own Getting Things Done Affirmations 

Creating your own getting things done affirmations requires some thought. But it becomes easier as you get the hang of it!

All it takes is some reflection on what goals you want to achieve and how you want to feel while pursuing them. (#)

Start by writing down 5-10 goals or tasks you would like to accomplish, and then for each one, write some more details about them.

You can do this by brainstorming some ideas using prompts, like:

  • What do I want to achieve today?
  • What kind of person do I want to be?
  • Are there any specific tasks I need to accomplish?
  • How would I feel about achieving these goals right now?
  • How could I declare to the world that I’ve mastered these goals?

From there, use these ideas as a starting point for creating your affirmation statements. They could follow a format such as “I am confident in my ability”, “I will complete this project today”, or even “I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.”

If you feel stuck with how to start your positive affirmation statements, look at this list for some sentence-starter ideas.

Or consider looking for inspiration from the list of getting things done affirmations included in the next section of this blog post.

You could even check other affirmation lists like:

Once you have created your affirmations, make sure they are visible somewhere where they can be a constant reminder of your goals and how you plan on achieving them.

You can do this by:

  • Writing them down in your journal (#)
  • Displaying them around your house/work
  • Creating affirmation cards or stickers you can print at home
  • Listening to audio recordings

61 Examples of Getting Things Done Affirmations

Now that you know what getting things done affirmations are and how to create your own, let’s look at some examples to help get you started:

  • I embrace the challenge of getting things done
  • My hard work will help me get it done effectively and efficiently every day
  • My hard work and dedication are paving the way to success
  • I take action towards getting it done now
  • My perseverance pays off
Getting Things Done Affirmations Example 1 For Perserverence
  • My actions have a positive impact on the world around me
  • Staying focused leads to getting things done
  • With each challenge faced, I get stronger and more determined to get things done.
  • Thinking positively helps me reach my goals faster
  • Knowing how to say “no” allows me to prioritize what’s important
  • I have the mindset to accomplish whatever I desire
  • I trust myself to succeed
  • Keeping an open mind encourages creativity and innovative solutions when getting tasks completed
  • Every day, I get closer and closer to achieving my goals
Getting Things Done Affirmations Example 1 For Goal Setting
  • I am courageous enough to overcome setbacks and keep going
  • I create positive habits that further motivate me towards achieving my goals
  • I will stay motivated and inspired to get the job done
  • I will reach success by taking action now
  • I trust that I have the skills to complete any task
  • Giving myself permission to make mistakes encourages innovation
  • Dreams become a reality when put into practice
  • l am grateful for all the lessons learned along the way while reaching my goals so far
  • My time is valuable, so I only invest it in meaningful activities
  • I have the power within me to accomplish anything I set my mind on
  • The power of me getting things done will help me remain optimistic during challenging times
  • I am creating a positive and productive environment for getting things done
  • There’s nothing that can stand in my way of completing my tasks
Getting Things Done Affirmations Example 1 For Determination
  • I will continue to stay focused and motivated to achieve greatness each day
  • With each task completed, I become even more determined and motivated to getting things done today
  • I am capable of reaching all my goals
  • Slow and steady wins the race
  • I choose to stay motivated and persist in the face of setbacks
  • Every day is a new opportunity to get one step closer to reaching my goals
  • I always stay motivated by remembering why I wanted to achieve this particular goal in the first place
  • The road might be difficult, but I will never give up – getting things done is part of who I am
  • Every failure brings me one step closer to getting things done the right way
  • Learning from past mistakes prepares me for future success
  • I am capable of completing this task
  • Reaching my goal is just a matter of time
  • l will rise above any challenge and conquer my goals
  • I have the power to make things happen
Getting Things Done Affirmations Example 1 For Inner Strength
  • There is no limit to what I can achieve when I focus on my goals and reach for them passionately
  • Celebrating successes keeps me motivated and inspired
  • There are no obstacles or challenges that can stand in my way of getting things done now
  • Positive thinking will help me get the job done today
  • Today is a new day, and I am ready to get started on my goals
  • I have the power to move forward with my goals
  • I will take each step in getting things done confidently and with a positive attitude.
  • Today, I choose to take one step closer to success by getting things done
  • I take pride in my work
  • I am confident in my abilities to complete this project
  • With each effort put in, I become more committed to getting it done now
  • Failing to reach a goal only means that I need to try again with more determination and focus
  • Having a positive mindset creates more time for learning and growth
  • My focus helps me move towards my goals with ease and grace
  • Knowing when to ask for help makes large tasks easier to tackle
Getting Things Done Affirmations Example 1 For Asking For Help
  • My perseverance and dedication will help me produce amazing results
  • I will finish what I start
  • I can easily break down large tasks into small, manageable chunks
  • I have all that it takes inside me to reach every milestone on my journey towards success
  • I believe in myself and my ability to get things done

The possibilities are endless when it comes to getting things done affirmations, so don’t be afraid to get creative with them!

Just remember that they should be meaningful and positive enough to get you motivated to take action toward your goals.

How To Use Affirmations To Stay Focused And Motivated On Your Goals

Once you have decided on some getting things done affirmations that work for you or created your own, it’s time to put them into action!

Try repeating them out loud every morning before starting your day—this will help set the tone for what lies ahead while also providing some much-needed motivation.

Another great way to use affirmations is by writing them down in a journal, planner, or pocket notebook; having a physical reminder close at hand can help keep those positive thoughts top-of-mind throughout the day!

Finally, don’t forget about taking breaks during your workday. If possible, try setting aside 5 minutes every few hours to pause and give yourself some quiet time with your affirmations.

This will help clear any mental clutter and allow those positive thoughts about your goals to sink in even further!

Getting Things Done Affirmations Note To Believe You Can

The Mindset of Getting Things Done Affirmations

Whether it’s getting through an especially difficult project or simply staying focused on daily tasks, using affirmations can be an incredibly helpful mindset tool for staying motivated and productive throughout the day.

By finding or creating self-affirmation statements that resonate specifically with what you want to get done or achieve—you can give yourself permission to dream bigger than ever before while still staying grounded in reality.So why not give it a try today? You never know where those positive thoughts might take you next!

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