RIFT Shadow Work Journal Kit

The ultimate Shadow Work resource with over 400+ printable pages to aid your journey of transforming your struggles into self-healing, breaking negative cycles, moving forward, and becoming a more authentic version of yourself.

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If you feel like you can’t escape from the rollercoaster ride that is your daily struggle for balance between yourself and life’s curveballs, then keep scrolling…

You’ve tried to keep it all together while doing all the things life, family, and friends expect of you no matter the ups and downs, but it’s no wonder when:

  • You’re wondering why you keep finding yourself in the same cycle of negative situations that make you feel stupid, cursed, and hopeless.
  • Everything feels like it’s beyond your control, and nothing you say or do will change it.
  • You feel like something is holding you back from growing and moving forward, but you’re not sure what it is.
  • You feel like your emotions lean towards the negative side more often than you’d like and that sometimes you feel like a yo-yo bouncing from one bad mood to another.

Well, what if I told you it’s not your fault.

You see, the truth is…

Your Shadow Self is pulling the strings in the background without you realizing it.

We all have a Shadow Self that’s influencing us that you likely won’t even realize.

Your daily struggles are a manifestation of your Shadow Self.

You see, life is complicated, messy, and doesn’t always fit into the cookie-cutter shape people make it out to be.

So we all end up carrying emotional baggage that the subconscious of our minds is conditioned to hide from us as a form of protection.

All of this can result in your Shadow Self becoming misaligned and when that happens it can start to hinder you in the background often without you even realizing it.

This is why it’s critical you pull back the curtain on your Shadow Self to integrate it with your conscious thought to become a more authentic and balanced version of yourself.

Which is why I put together the…

RIFT Shadow Work Journal Kit

Rift Shadow Work Journal Printed As Book On Top Of White Background

This ultimate Shadow Work resource with over 400+ printable pages will help you balance your Shadow Self with your authentic self even if you…

  • Have no idea where to start
  • Feel bogged down in negativity
  • Think things are beyond your control

And head’s up; it’s different to those other Shadow Work Journals you’ve stumbled across because…

  • It’s a complete strategy using a technique I like to call RIFT, not just a bunch of random prompts with no next step.
  • You’ll find over 300+ unique prompts for deep work so you can focus on discovery without stabbing in the dark on where to start or what to write about.

Here’s What’s Included:

Massive 400+ Printable Pages Kit for doing Shadow Work – Everything you need for your journey to guide you through the process from how-tos, prompts, and worksheets.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

12 x How-to + RIFT guidance pages – For detailed information on how to do Shadow Work using my RIFT technique so you can journal with confidence.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

49 page Shadow Work Workbook – To help you take actionable steps to work through the process of Shadow Work, so you are efficiently making the most of your valuable time.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

324 x Unique Journal Prompts – that cover a wide variety of topics for deep Shadow Work that’s guided so you can record and identify your Shadow Self in detail.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

4 x Different page sizes in high-quality PDF – for easy printing in US Letter, A4, A5, and Happy Planner (7×9.25”) sizes, so you can just hit print and go.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

20 x Cover variations – So you can customize your journal and make it truly yours.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

Journaling Checklist + Shadow Tracker – to get the most out of your time spent journaling by focusing on key aspects.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

Self-Care & Meditation Planning & Tracking – to help ensure you follow up with a routine to calm yourself after your Shadow Work sessions.

RIFT Shadow Work Printable Journal Kit Preview

and did I mention? There’s bonus stuff too!

14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Workbook

Jump-start your Shadow Work journey with this 14-day Shadow Work Workbook designed to take you from a complete beginner to doing your journaling on a daily basis with confidence.

14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Workbook Printable Preview

It’s got 44 Printable Pages for doing Shadow Work with everything you need for your 14-day Shadow Work challenge to guide you through the process from how-tos, daily prompts, and worksheets.

Get your RIFT Shadow Work Journal Kit and start your journey of transformation for just $19

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Get your Shadow Work Kit and find balance within yourself so you can finally get off that rollercoaster of daily struggles that’s preventing you from moving forward for just $27 $19.

RIFT Shadow Work Journal printed as book on top of dark wood background

Your results may vary. Due to the various different factors that go into Shadow Work and that every person’s situation is unique, we cannot guarantee results. But if you follow the tips and resources included in this Shadow Work Kit, then you should be able to see improvements and become more in tune with your behaviors, emotions, and your inner self.

The information contained in this product is for general information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for a mental health professional’s advice.

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