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Wave goodbye to the blank page struggles! This monthly membership, delivered to your inbox, is your secret sauce for effortlessly turning empty pages into a unique and personal journey of self-discovery. With printable page layouts, journal prompts, a unique bucket list, shadow work and mindfulness inspiration, plus more, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to journal without it.

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Museful Journaling Mockup Preview of December's Journal Printable Pages, Worksheets, Inspiration and More

(Only some of the pages included in this month’s downloads are shown in the above video.)

This monthly membership is carefully curated to ignite the spark of your inner muse and guide you on a transformative journaling journey even if you feel…

  • Mad rushed with your day-to-day
  • Boring and uninspired
  • Disorganized and overwhelmed with putting everything together into something you can actually use

And head’s up; it’s different to those other journals you might have stumbled across because…

  • It’s jam-packed with journal prompts, quotes, affirmations, and power words to get you writing and your brain pinging with ideas instead of staring at a blank page. (This month has 130+ printable pages ready to go.)
  • Every month you’ll get a different journal design, a monthly topic theme, and new journal page layouts or worksheets to keep everything fresh.
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Here’s What’s Included in This Month’s Theme:

30+ Journaling activity ideas for the month so you never get stuck with a blank page and no inspiration for “what to do next”.

30+ Daily Journal Prompts: Delve into an array of thought-provoking journal prompts designed to inspire, evoke emotions, and explore your inner self. Whether you’re seeking clarity, healing, or new perspectives, these prompts will get you into the writing flow.

15+ Bonus Shadow Work prompts inspired by psychology principles for deeper introspection and self-healing.

Monthly Themes: Each month, we explore new and exciting themes that revolve around the seasons, self-discovery, personal growth, and mindfulness to keep your journaling varied and fresh.

The current theme for June is all about Limiting Beliefs and Celebrating Small Wins. It includes 130+ pages of ideas, inspiration, and printable journal layouts ready for you to use today.

If you join between now and the end of the month, then you can still get May’s pages along with June’s. (You should be redirected after payment to the download page as well as get a link from SendOwl for your dashboard access.)

The monthly themes we have planned are:

MayMental Health, Positive Affirmations
JuneSelf Sabotage, Celebrating Small Wins, Summer
JulyForgiveness, Letting Go
AugustManaging Stress & Anxiety
SeptemberInner child work, Self-Confidence, Being Yourself
OctoberFacing Fears, Grief, Halloween

2 Aesthetic Designs: Each month comes with a different floral design and my minimal celestial design so you can give your journal a fresh look or stick with a simple low ink design. You can treat each month as its own thing instead of worrying about managing a full yearly journal or planner that leaves you feeling overwhelmed.

Museful Journaling Mockup Preview of December's Journal Printable Pages, Worksheets, Inspiration and More

12 Affirmation Cards: Ready to print and cut into cards. Use as a quick self-care habit or mindset boost whenever you need. Blank versions are also included so you can create your own.

List of holidays, events & observances: Add to your journal and calendars for planning as well as use for inspiration. There’s a mix of both fun and mindful events from around the world with an idea for almost every day. This month has 30+ ideas ready for you.

5 Word of The Month Ideas: Get word of the month ideas with definitions to give you additional themes and inspiration for your journaling activities. These words come as pretty individual pages to provide more variety in your journal pages.

6 Inspirational Quote Ideas: Get motivating quotes that focus on the monthly theme to help inspire and motivate. These also come as pretty individual pages to further decorate and organize your pages.

4 Monthly Dated Calendars: Includes Monday and Sunday week starts for April and May, ready to plan and organize the month ahead.

2 Weekly Schedules: Includes hourly slots in Monday and Sunday week start variations.

3 Daily Planning Pages: Get 3 different versions to experiment with and find your favorite planning style.

Bonus Layouts, Journal Pages, or Worksheets: For this month, you’ll find:

  • Limiting Beliefs Workbook – 13 pages
  • Mini Limiting Beliefs Challenge (20 action points) – 1 page
  • Additional Worksheets for Mindfulness & Self-Reflection – 23 pages
  • Honeycomb Goal Tracker – 1 page
  • Butterflies Mood Tracker – 1 page
  • Water & Sleep Trackers – 2 pages
  • Indigenous History Month Coloring Page – 1 page
  • National Zoo & Aquarium Month Coloring Page – 1 page
  • Blank Templates for general stationery use – 10+ pages
  • To-do lists to help you manage your tasks – 2 pages
  • Circular Mood Tracker – 1 page
  • Grid Habit Tracker – 1 page
  • 3 Adult Coloring pages with inspirational quotes to use as a fun self-care activity
  • 160 Printable pages in total!

Quick Reference Lists: Get all the journal prompts, affirmations, quotes, and word of the month ideas in an easy reference format for reusing or keeping handy on the go.

Themed Stationery Layouts: Use these for adding your own journal prompts or additional space for writing while staying on theme with the rest of your journal.

25% Discount for the shop: You’ll get a monthly coupon that can be used for all products, courses, and services hosted on this website.

Digital & Printable Format: Get going quickly with printable PDFs provided for all your pages. Download and go from anywhere in the world. No additional delivery costs, no waiting around for things to arrive, and no finding something you love only to realize you need to pay for expensive importing to even get it to your home.

3+ Cover/Divider pages: Stay organized and keep things simple by putting everything together as a monthly journal or adding to a binder or planner for something more long-term.

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Get your monthly journal inspiration kit and find your inner muse to turn journaling from a struggle to a joy.

Your results may vary. Due to the various different factors that go into journaling and that every person’s situation is unique, we cannot guarantee results. But if you follow the tips and resources included in this monthly membership, then we believe you’ll find yourself more inspired and with plenty of ideas to use in your journal.

The information contained in this product is for general information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for a health professional’s advice.

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