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Journaling Made Easier

If you wish you could spend some time journaling but feel so time-starved that you don’t have time to get creative or make things how you’d like. Then I think we’d make the perfect team-up. I’ll share my creative craziness, and you can use it to speed up your own process and ideas. 😉

I’ve always been a bit of a daydreamer who feels like nothing ever gets done. I mean, seriously, do you ever feel like there are enough hours in the day? Cause’ I don’t.

There’s always a gazillion ideas and dreams of things we want to do but just can’t find time for. (Journaling is definitely high on that list.)

Well, I decided I could either keep daydreaming about doing more creative things or actually get doing it.

It all started with a planner idea. Bullet journals always look so pretty and fun. (But so time-consuming and daunting at the same time).

The idea being, if I had my own planner, surely it would help organize the mess that’s my life, and I could get things done faster, right?

In theory, it should have helped but:

  • Local store planners always felt like they were missing something
  • Creating my own bullet journal from scratch felt so time-consuming that I struggled to keep it up.

But then I had an idea. What if I could turn my ideas into something I could just print out and stick into my notebook instead?

Then you could:

  • Reuse the best layouts over and over again
  • Skip that blank creativity block that would sometimes sneak in
  • Save a brick-ton of time redrawing things out over and over again
  • Have the flexibility of either a digital journal or traditional pen and paper
  • Not have to worry about making mistakes, ruining pages because of unruly rulers awkwardly slipping, or a blotty pen smudging my writing.
  • Have options like fully colored done-for-you layouts for busy days or black and white designs that you can enjoy coloring yourself.

The benefits seemed endless, and the main factor was that I could get over the biggest hurdle of time with this method. (Once I invested the initial time to design it, that is.)

Quickly to my surprise, creating my own design had me hooked. It’s like something just clicked, and I loved using it as a creative outlet. Better still, I could use it to get organized and save time day-to-day. A big win-win!

It wasn’t long before I had a whole collection of them, and since I figured it wouldn’t just be me with the issue of finding the actual time to do journaling. It made sense to share it with others too. (Hence this blog.)

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