Editable OneNote Digital Planner – 2023 + 2024 (Floral Pink Template)


Keep your year ahead beautifully organized and easily at hand with these fully editable 2023 and 2024 OneNote Planner + Calendar templates that you can import into OneNote to annotate + add text with either a stylus or your keyboard and mouse.

No more fussing around with paper planners, endless sticky notes, and forgetting important dates! These OneNote Digital Planner templates allow you to keep the exact planning system you need without the hassle of having to create everything from scratch by yourself.

Each year’s templates come with high-quality + practical spreads for each year, month, week and day in 2023 and 2024 so you can plan and organize in as much detail as you want. There are over 400 pages set up for you and 1200+ hyperlinks to make navigation as easy as possible.

You can easily edit the majority of text, layouts, and colors through OneNote’s own features or with the 30+ stickers provided for you. The layouts are designed to be as modular as possible so you can edit as you please and are not restricted to layouts set as background images that you can’t modify.

🔶 Also available in a cacti green version here. 🔶


– Read Me file with detailed instructions for downloading + installing your template
– OneNote template in .onepkg format for Windows importing
– OneNote template in folder format for Mac + Windows importing using the online importer

◈ Completely editable OneNote template with tables, text + stickers
◈ 16+ Flexible layouts you can customize to your own needs by deleting, moving, resizing + adding as you need
◈ 2023 + 2024 dated calendar pages for the years, months, weeks + days
◈ 400+ pages for flexible planning depending on your preferences
◈ Easy interlinked navigation system with 1200+ hyperlinks
◈ Sunday start layouts
◈ A section for taking notes, dotted paper and brainstorming
◈ Goal setting, to-do lists, agenda + schedules for prioritizing your time
◈ 30+ cute stickers for making customizing your planner easier
◈ 30 Day habit trackers for each month you can customize for your own goals

⏩ Pages included in each Year’s Notebook:

  • 1x Year Overview
  • 12x Sections for each month
  • 1 x Key Dates
  • 1 x Quarterly View
  • 1 x Yearly Goals Overview
  • 5x Goals Brainstorming
  • 1 x Master To-Do List
  • 1x To-Do by Month
  • 1x To-Do by Category
  • 1x Brain Dump
  • 1x Dotted paper
  • 1x Notes
  • 1x Stickers with 30+ individual stickers

⏩ Pages included for each Month:

  • 1x Monthly Overview
  • 1x Monthly Plan
  • 1x Monthly Review
  • 5-6 Weekly pages
  • 28-31 Daily pages
  • 4x Habit trackers


🔶 Please consider using a computer to download your files and not your phone, as not only can you use up your data allowance but downloading and importing these types of files can be difficult from your phone or tablet.

🔶 Due to the technical nature of this digital download, you may come across some difficulties when trying to get set up with your template. This is usually due to differences between personal vs business accounts or simply variations between devices, especially when it comes to mobile devices. Please ensure you follow the Read Me included with your download but you can always contact us if you need support as we’re always happy to help.

🔶 This template is designed to be used on a desktop and written on with a stylus or keyboard + mouse. While OneNote is compatible with tablets + mobile devices, this template may not be best optimized for them.

🔶 These files are designed to be EDITABLE through text, tables, and stickers. You can draw, add text, and rearrange the pages, you can also edit the text, fonts, colors, boxes, or move around the stickers included. While you can add and remove pages, keep in mind hyperlinks may break as a result.


– OneNote is available for free for personal use via https://www.onenote.com/download
– Compatible with OneNote for Windows + Mac
– Optimized for DESKTOP screens
– Sync your template between any devices that supports OneNote including iPad + Android
– Full zoom capability to give you more flexibility over the size of the templates for your individual screen.


– The template MUST be installed on a computer using the OneNote Importer or OneNote for Windows.
– You will get an email that includes a link to your downloads. You can also find the link under My Account > Downloads.
– Download the ZIP + Read Me files
– Extract any ZIP files by right-clicking > extract
– Import your templates into OneNote using the detailed instructions included in the read me PDF.


Due to differences between monitors, operating systems and settings, the color appearance, fonts + size of product previews may differ from the final product on your screen.

We provide high-quality files with your purchase. However, the final quality of these files depends hugely on the device you use, its limitations, and the screen size used.

Due to the instant download format, this item is non-refundable. Please read the product description and our store policies carefully before making any purchases.


⚠ These files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY ⚠

You can use these templates to keep yourself organized or help with organizing your business schedule but you cannot reproduce, distribute, share, copy, or resell the files directly in any way whether free or paid without express written consent. This means all commercial use is prohibited.

By purchasing these files, you do NOT acquire any copyright.

This template is not affiliated with or endorsed by OneNote or Microsoft.


We hope you enjoy our products, but if you have any issues or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via our contact form:

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