14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Printable Workbook

Jump-start your Shadow Work journey with this 14-day Shadow Work Workbook designed to take you from a complete beginner to doing your journaling on a daily basis with confidence.

Here’s What’s Included:

44 Printable Pages for doing Shadow Work – Everything you need for your 14-day Shadow Work challenge to guide you through the process from how-tos, daily prompts, and worksheets.

14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Workbook Printable Preview

Daily Shadow Work Prompts – to help you discover and explore aspects of your Shadow Self.

Daily Activities & Shadow Work tips – To help you take actionable steps to work through the process of Shadow Work and ensure you focus on the right aspects of your Shadow.

14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Workbook Printable Preview

2 x Different page sizes in high-quality PDF – for easy printing in US Letter and A4 sizes, so you can just hit print and go.

14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Workbook Printable Preview

Get your 14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Workbook and start your journey with confidence for just $7

Questions Smart People Ask Before Getting Their Shadow Work Challenge Workbook:

Get your Shadow Work Challenge Workbook to get the guidance you need to start your journaling with confidence for just $7.

Your results may vary. Due to the various different factors that go into Shadow Work and that every person’s situation is unique, we cannot guarantee results. But if you follow the tips and resources included in this Shadow Work Kit, then you should be able to see improvements and become more in tune with your behaviors, emotions, and your inner self.

The information contained in this product is for general information purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for a mental health professional’s advice.

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