14-Day Shadow Work Challenge For Beginners To Jump-Start Your Journey

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Do you like the idea of keeping a Shadow Work journal but find it difficult to stick to writing in it every day? Then this 14-Day Shadow Work Challenge is for you!

What is Shadow Work Journaling & This Challenge About?

Shadow Work is based on the idea that there are aspects of yourself that you may not realize exist and may have even repressed as your ego’s self-defense mechanism response to traumas. It’s these shadow parts of yourself (aka your Shadow Self) that may be unconsciously the source of everyday struggles, conflicts, and negative emotions you feel.

Shadow Work Journaling is a process of discovering and integrating these hidden shadow traits of yourself through writing, reflection, and specific activities often in the form of Shadow Work workbooks. Think of Shadow Work journaling as a journey to becoming a more whole version of yourself as well as healing, growth, and empowerment.

What’s The Goal Of This 14-Day Shadow Work Challenge?

The goal of this 14-day Shadow Work Challenge is to get you to enter the process of Shadow Work journaling and let it morph into a life-changing experience. Whether you’ve never done Shadow Work before or you’ve been doing it for a while – you’ll learn new prompts and activities to help bring your Shadow Work process to the next level and discover powerful insights into your Shadow self.

You may be hesitant to start shadow work because you don’t know where to begin. Maybe you’re scared of what memories you might uncover, or if you’ll be able to get the information out of your Shadow. Or maybe you just don’t have time for it. Whatever your situation, this 14 Day Shadow Work Challenge is here to help take action on your own journey.

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Why Start a 14-Day Shadow Work Challenge?

Now that you know a bit more about what Shadow Work is, I want to give you a couple of reasons why you might want to consider this challenge:

  1. If you’re new to Shadow Work this challenge can help you jump-start your journey and give you the confidence to keep going.
  2. If you’re already doing Shadow Work, this challenge will help you deepen your understanding of how to do it well. You’ll learn so many new ways to support yourself in the process.
  3. You’ll get into the habit of doing Shadow Work on a regular basis making it easier to add to your ongoing routine.
  4. You’ll discover how the process of Shadow Work can be very healing, empowering, and life-changing!
  5. This Shadow Work challenge can help you bring more awareness into your life and make you more aware of the people and situations that trigger negative feelings and emotions in life.

When does the 14-Day Shadow Work Challenge 2022-2023 Start?

The challenge begins as soon as you sign up with your email below, each day you’ll get an email with a Shadow Work tip and an actionable activity like writing prompts or a Shadow Work workbook sheet. The email will be in your inbox at the same time each day depending on when you signed up.

While the challenge is paced to be 14 days it’s completely understandable if you’re not able to spend time on it each day if you have a busy schedule. Since the information is delivered by email each day, you can always save them for later and work through things at your own pace if needed.

How to get involved with the 14 Day Shadow Work Challenge Today

Ready to get started with your Shadow Work journey with this challenge? Then getting started is super simple, just sign up with your email below and confirm your email by clicking the link in the email we send to make sure you’re not a bot.

Once complete your first email will be delivered shortly afterward. You can then just follow the instructions delivered to your inbox each day for the 14-day challenge.

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